Messages on CD

We NOW offer our  Messages on CD CD Message Icon that can be downloaded to your computer.


CD MESSAGE BUNDLE 1 $9.99   Buy Now

Advancing in God

The Hearing Ear

The God of Possibility

The Branch

CD MESSAGE BUNDLE 2 – $9.99  Buy Now

A Lasting Grip

Increase is Flowing in the Land


Enter Into His Rest

CD MESSAGE BUNDLE 3 – $9.99    Buy Now

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Endued With Power


Habitation of Holiness

CD MESSAGE BUNDLE 4 – $9.99  Buy Now

Stretching Forth His Hand

Removing the Layers

Overcoming Oppression

Barriers to Walking the Path of Truth

 CD MESSAGE BUNDLE 5 – $9.99   Buy Now

Children are Like Arrows in the Hand of a Warrior

Fountain of Living Waters

Keys to Financial Increase

My Confession Becomes My Possession

CD MESSAGE BUNDLE 6 – $9.99  Buy Now

The Branch of Christ

God Wants You to Prosper

The 4 D’s to Victory

Spiritual Recycle and Self Control

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