Co-Authors Needed for Book Compilation

Hello Grief Overcomers!
I am so excited to share this GREAT NEWS with you. Wings of Love Women’s Ministry is creating a book compilation entitled “Unfolding the Petals of Your Purpose” featuring 20 women who have overcome their grief and moved forward in their lives fulfilling their God-given purpose.
We are premiering the book in November, and we are seeking Amazing Grief Overcomers, like yourself, that are ready to tell their story. This is ideal for:
• Grief Overcomers that have thought about writing a book and never got started.
• Grief Overcomers that have written a book, but would love to be a part of something even bigger.
• Survivors that have been looking to build their speaker platform.
The good thing is that you don’t need any experience, and you don’t need to be a professional writer.
We have a limited amount of opportunities available. Don’t wait. Here are the specifics:
Writers will need to compose a 1500 word testimony answering the following questions:
1. How did the loss of your husband impact your faith in God?
2. What life lessons have you learned through your grief journey?
3. How did you move on and move forward with your life?
4. What is your purpose?
5. How did you discover your purpose?
6. How are you fulfilling your purpose?
• The book will be included in every Empowering Widows Support Kit, which will be promoted to churches, ministries, women’s groups nationally and English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Liberia, and the Carribbean Islands.
• The Writers will be highlighted on my Radio Program – Spiritual Nuggets of Truth which airs on 7 radio stations
* The cost is $388, which includes book promotional graphics, book layout, and this includes 3 copies of the book for each writer. You can order the book at any time for the wholesale cost, from the publisher.
• Writers will be a part of a Special Book Launch Party in December 2017
Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If so Email me at
Please view my ministry website – for more information.
I look forward to our writing collaboration and helping to Encourage, Transform,  and Empower other women.
Karmen A. Booker
Your Motivator
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