About Us

Wings of Love Women’s Ministry (WLWM) creates an atmosphere and forum where women can realize healing and spiritual growth, while cultivating their God-given gifts and ministering in their local churches and their communities and the world.

WLWM connects with women who have battled abuse in their lives, and who have been held back from moving forward for whatever reason. We seek to encourage victims of abuse to go forth and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ with more commitment & boldness, knowing that through healing and restoration “the good work God has began in them He will complete.’’

WLWM, always using Scripture as its guiding principle, has the following objectives:

  • To provide opportunities for women to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal
  • To provide crisis response advocacy, along with the critical resources needed for victims of abuse to take the first step
  • To elevate women as persons of worth
  • Address the concerns of women
  • Build networks among women
  • Mentor women
  • Challenge Godly women to use their talents and spiritual gifts for the glory of God in the home, church, and community

Women are encouraged to:

  • Accept their calling as Women of God who will offer themselves daily as living sacrifices, acceptable and pleasing to God;
  • Serve God with zeal, keeping their spiritual fervor and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • Be faithful in prayer; and
  • Share with God’s people who are in need.

“For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for prosperity and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.  Then you will call upon Me, and you will come and pray to Me, and I will hear and heed you.  Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:11-13)


WLWM provides various resources to help women who have been abused emotionally and physically rebuild their self-esteem so they can know and walk in the knowledge and understanding that they are intricately designed by God and to glorify God by using their God-given gifts.

These resources include:

“Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts”

“A Christian Mentoring Guide for Women”

“You are God’s Masterpiece”

“Seeking the Face of God”

“Biblical Entrepreneurship”

“Daughter of Zion” Bundle

For more information go to – https://womendestinedforgreatness.wordpress.com/ministry-resources/

We are Seeking Members and Ambassadors to help transform the lives of women for the glory of God.  To LEARN MORE ABOUT WLWM and HOW YOU CAN BECOME A MEMBER go to www.womendestinedforgreatness.wordpress.com/membership-benefits

Women Destined for Greatness is an Online Women’s Bible Study for the purpose of helping you to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Word of God.

The Benefits of an Online Bible Study are:

1.  Personal Study of the Bible Revives the Soul

The apostles Peter and Paul also believed that study of the scriptures would revive the soul. Peter wrote that knowledge of God gives believers everything that they need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3) and Paul stated that the peace of God would guard Christians’ hearts and minds. (Philippians 4:7)

2.  Builds Wisdom

In Psalm 19:7, David noted that the a benefit of studying God’s law is the development of wisdom. Moses told Israel that careful observance of the decrees and laws of God would demonstrate their wisdom and understanding to the nations around them. (Deuteronomy 4:5-7) King David’s son Solomon explained, at the beginning of the book of Proverbs, that they were written to help attain wisdom and discipline and to help them understand the “words of insight.” (Proverbs 1:2)

3.  Produces Joy

In Psalm 19:8, David identified joy as a benefit of studying the precepts of God. Job, in his pain and agony, told his companions that God would fill “your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” (Job 8:21) God told Israel through his prophet Isaiah that his word would not return to him empty and that they would “go out in joy and be lead forth in peace.” (Isaiah 55:11-12)

In the New Testament, Jesus taught his disciples that obedience to God is how they remain in God’s love and that their joy would be complete. (John 15:9-11). After the Philippian jailer brought Paul and Silas into his house and cleaned their wounds, he was filled with joy because he heard God’s word and believed in him. (Acts 16:22-34)

4.   Leads to Righteousness

Righteousness is another benefit of Bible study, according to David in Psalm 19:9. God considered Abraham to be a righteous man because he believed in God and was faithful and obedient to him. (Genesis 15:6). Moses echoed this thought to Israel in Deuteronomy 6:25 when he told them that obeying the laws of God “will be our righteousness.”

Paul wrote that the gospel of Jesus is the power of God through which everyone may be saved and through which God’s righteousness was revealed. (Romans 1:16-17) He also told Timothy that all Scripture comes from God and is useful in teaching, correcting and training in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16).


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