Hidden Rivers of Life

He is the source of the living waters that flow.

Constantly within us, which renders an outside glow.

Jesus is the source of living waters.

If we trust in him, He will fill us with an ever-flowing stream of living water.

Water that nurtures and purifies our soul.

Allowing us to reach our godly goal.

A goal that is enhanced and multiplied through holy and righteous living.

Focusing not on receiving from others, but giving.

Giving our time, talents, and gifts sent from above;

To be a blessing to others and to show our love.

We must be faithful and true,

For it is only in this that our true light (Jesus within our hearts) will shine through.

We must continue to grow by studying and meditating on His Word.

Then and only then will the living waters flow.

Keep growing in the Word daily so the living waters within you will grow deeper and higher,

And your inner spiritual light will shine through brighter and brighter.

Don’t delay for time is running out.

We must remain in the flow of living waters to avoid everlasting drought.


©   1998 Karmen A. Booker



For more inspiring and encouraging poems by Karmen A. Booker, purchase her book, “Seeking the Face of God”.

She has produced ministry resources that are designed to equip and encourage women to grow in their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ, and discover and fulfill their God-given purpose for the Advancement of the Kingdom of God.





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