Everything you have belongs to God.  Faithfulness has to do with how well you manage what God has loaned you.  How do you use what God has given you (time, talents, and treasure [money]).  God will see how well you manage the little things in your life, before He gives you more responsibility.  God does this to see if you can be trusted with the true riches of God’s Kingdom.

The purpose of life is to prepare you for eternity.


Do you spend your time praying to God?

Do you go to church and worship God?

Do you praise the Lord Jesus Christ in church and at home?

Do you give clothes that you have outgrown to those in need of clothes?


Do you consistently use your gift of drawing?

Do you start writing a book and then leave it uncompleted?

Do you continue to use your creativity by designing tote bags, painting clay pots, creating hairstyles?


Do you give tithes and offerings unto God?

Do you give money to others who have a need?

Four Qualities of Faithfulness are:

Trustworthiness – dependable and reliable to do what you say and promise.

Loyal – Can Jesus Christ rely on one to put his interest before mine.  To avoid temptation to reject and forsake Jesus Christ.  (Example  Judas – betrayed Jesus; Peter – denied Jesus 3 times under pressure)  (Examples of Loyalty are Daniel – willing to die for his beliefs in continuing to maintain his relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer;

Job – he withstood the loss of children, animals, and resources, but never denied God)

Responsible – given an account for what you are responsible for.  You know what needs to be one, and you do it the best way you can.  Use your time, talents, and treasure that pleases God, rather than yourself and other people.

Obedient – carries out instructions of the owner (God). Jesus is King of Kings, and a king’s invitation is never to be answered, but obeyed.


WLWM offers ministry resource products that are designed to encourage you to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and take you to higher spiritual heights of knowledge and understanding of the Word of God!!! These resources written and published by Ms. Booker are:  “You Are Called to Greatness”, “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts”, “Life Enrichment Kit”,  “Seeking the Face of God”,  “You Are God’s Masterpiece”, “Christian Mentoring Guide for Women”, and  “Biblical Entrepreneurship”.





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