Seeking Interns

Wings of Love Women’s Ministry (WLWM) Internship Program is designed to attract outstanding women who have the dedication to learn and have the desire for growth and prosperity. The WLWM Internship Program provides various mixtures of on-the-job assignment and research assignments that will develop the skills needed for professional success and growth. Positions are available in “virtual” locations around the US and abroad.

The purpose of the WLWM’s Internship Program is two-fold. Interns will provide useful assistance for the organization while also gaining hands-on training that will assist them with their future career search and/or business.

Radio Production Assistant – Are you interested in podcasting, video, and Internet radio?  Do you enjoy talking to and interviewing people? If so, then our Radio Production Assistant position is for you!

As a Radio Production Assistant intern you’ll have the opportunity to connect with perspective radio show guests, implement social media strategies, and participate in Internet radio shows.

Responsibilities include contacting perspective guests; scheduling interviews;  promoting shows and interviews; getting audio advertisers; and distributing press releases.

The qualifications for the position include the following:

Must be 18 years or older
Candidate must have strong communication and writing skills
Must have an interest in social media
Proficiency with the Internet
Familiarity with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media

Hours: 12 hours a week.  This is a virtual position, so scheduling the 12 hours to work is the Intern’s responsibility. Deadlines must be met and the Intern must be able to work in a virtual capacity.  Hours stated are minimum hours required, however our Internship Program is exciting and fun, the Intern may work as many hours as they would like.  These are non-paid internships.

Why Become an Intern with WLWM? We provide a forum whereby women can realize healing and restoration who have experienced abuse via domestic violence, emotional, and sexual abuse.  At WLWM, your talents will contribute to creating products and services that will bring positive change in the lives of women.

As an intern at WLWM, you will take part in a dynamic easy-to-learn environment that encourages individual learning and growth.  So become a part of it all by participating in this exciting and rewarding program.

Please send me an email to with the word INTERN in the subject line OR call me at (301) 408-1082.  I will then send you the Internship Application for you to complete and return to me via email.

I look forward to working with you and welcoming you as a part of the Wings of Love Women’s Ministry Team.


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