“You Are God’s Masterpiece” Book

As you read the pages of “You Are God’s Masterpiece” you will be encouraged and motivated to leave your past behind and embrace your God-given call to GREATNESS. You will discover that you are intricately designed by God and are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

You will know without a doubt that you can rise above any situation that seeks to hold you back, by allowing God to transform your life.


You Must Know Who You ARE!

You are not the opinions of men!  Do not allow what anyone says about you or thinks about you create the atmosphere in which you live. You are not what they call you, but you are what you answer to!

 You are Somebody!

Woman of God, you are beautiful and awesome.  You are more than ordinary- extraordinary.  You are the offspring of God Himself!  You are magnificent and significant.

Know Your Value!

Don’t allow anyone to put a price tag on you or cheapen you.  You are God’s Masterpiece, creatively designed by the Master’s Hand.  You are of great value and precious.

 Grab Your copy NOW!!!

“You are God’s Masterpiece” Book  – $5.00



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