Missing in Action

Some men are soldiers in the army of the Lord.

They are missing today.

Some are missing spiritually and physically from their homes.

Some are missing from their God-give role and purpose.

They have left their post to pursue their dreams,

Which are founded on deceptive schemes.

Some are missing before they get to the wedding altar,

Because they have left their spiritual altar where God is King.

God gave them life, power, and strength to take away life’s sting.

Some soldiers are missing in action,

Because they chose to reject God, and follow their own lead, which became their  obsessive distraction.

They forsook God, and backslid into a bottomless pit.

Now they are doomed to a quicksand of fire and brimstone, where they will eternally sit, unless they point their life arrow to God to eliminate the load, for in doing so, they will remain on the straight and narrow road.

©   1995  Karmen A. Booker


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