God’s Way

God’s paths are mercy and truth.

God’s way is love, integrity, and holiness (uprightness).

God will teach the humble His way.

Trust in me and I will give you rest.

Wait on me and I will strengthen you.

Praise me and I will lift you up.

Worship me and I will glorify you.

Love me and I will honor you.

Magnify the Lord today and be of good courage, for if you Trust, Wait, Praise, Worship, and Love God, He will do mighty works through you, and you will experience abundant prosperity.

L = loyalty

O = obedience

V = victory

E = elevation

If God (Jesus Christ) is Lord of your life, and you are loyal and obedient to His Word, you have constant VICTORY and Jesus will ELEVATE you to higher spiritual heights.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Karmen A. Booker is a Christian Author, and has published several books, that include:

“Seeking the Face of God”- This is a dynamic collection of Christian poetry that is sure to encourage you to reach greater spiritual heights

“You are God’s Masterpiece” is a book I wrote that helps YOU understand that you are Uniquely and Divinely created for the glory of God.

Excerpt – “God desires for ALL of His children to move forward. When you walk, you are constantly taking steps forward; you are focused on forward movement (pressing forward to the next step) never looking back). One step forward automatically leads to the next step if you are determined to go the next step. As you go from one step to the next step, you will constantly grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the Word of God.”

Go to https://womendestinedforgreatness.wordpress.com/ministry-resources/

“Life Enrichment Kit” – A Discipleship Manual that can be used by Pastors, Ministers, and Small Bible Study Groups. Focuses on 8 Major Themes that are critical in Discipling Others to live a Holy Life before God (Jesus Christ): * Salvation / Baptism * Stewardship * Fellowship / Witnessing * Spiritual Growth * Heart of a Servant * Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts * God Wants You to Prosper * Prayers – Spiritual Warfare – Healing Prayer – Prayers for Children

NOTEThese books can be purchased through my Blog – www.WomenDestinedforGreatness.wordpress.com/ministry-resources


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